Period Hair And Makeup

Period Hair & Makeup

In the film industry period looks are a common request, so the knowledge of being able to make someone look like they are from a completely different era is very desirable.

In this module we cover the years that are reoccurring in the Film and TV industry.

For example, Sherlock Holmes is set in the Victorian period, so the make-up and hairstyles are tailored to the exact style as it would have been worn back then.

Image reference, such a mood boards are encouraged in this module as it is very important to really understand the period. Reference must be from the original source to make sure you are working from an original image that will really allow you to understand the look and the detail you must include in your work, for example if you were creating a 1920s look you would take reference from Leonardo De’Caprio in The Titanic, you would look back to the 1920s and instead take reference from someone like Henry Ford or Al Capone.

Module Skills

  • Understanding different periods
  • You will learn how different shapes; colours and textures are used to create specific period looksFinger waves
  • Applying rollers
  • Creating barrel curls, nape and side rolls
  • Wets sets & Carmen sets
  • Back combing & padding hair pieces
  • How to match liner, lip colours, brows and eye colours to specific periods


Since finishing my course and pursuing the film industry, period make-up has been the most sort after make-up. It really is a huge part of the industry and I know without learning it at CBMA I probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have.

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Module Syllabus: Period Hair And Makeup

Day 1

  • Edwardian Gibson Girl Look.
  • Bendies, crepe padding, clusters and switches
  • Very natural makeup.

Day 2

  • Bobs & Finger waves
  • Hood dryer, LJ clips, small rollers, tongs.
  • Round eye sockets, Cupid lips, fine brows.

Day 3

  • 1940’s barrel curls, nape and side roll with and without stocking bands.
  • Hood dryer, LJ clips.
  • Strong eyebrows, wide lips.

Day 4

  • Wet set and Carmen set.
  • Setting Rollers, Carmen’s, hood dryer.
  • Eyeliner, lip colours, strong brows.

Day 5

  • Back combing, padding, hair pieces.
  • Dramatic eyes, lashes, pale lips, no blush.

Note: the above syllabus is illustrative of a typical module. It may be subject to change at any time.

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