The Christine Blundell Makeup Academy is the only makeup school in the UK run by an Oscar and BAFTA winning Makeup Designer.
By choosing to study at our Academy, you will gain all the makeup and hair skills you need to become a great makeup trainee.

Makeup Academy Monthly Update April:

“Spring is here with an abundance of Daffodils and sweet scented blossoms. There has also been much activity with our graduates who have just left. All our students received days and days of work experience on Paddington 2.even though many of the days were nights and freezing cold, it was still an amazing experience. All the graduates worked on the final year project of the Goldsmiths university graduates; there were very impressive film scripts, great makeup and we look forward to watching them.
On personal levels, congratulations to Jade for gaining a position at the English National Opera; fantastic achievement. Well done for Jemma for not only being the trainee on Paddington 2 but for then going on tour with Funny Girl!!
Which leaves us just enough space to mention Christine’s new film project: Mike Leigh’s Peterloo Massacre. Set in 1819 Manchester, a significant political and historical event. There will be plenty of work experience and trainees smearing blood and dirt over all the extras!!! Watch this space.”

Here is the latest trailer of “Arthur Legend Of The Sword,” Personally I am looking forward to seeing David Beckham. “ “I had a lot of make-up on, “ he said. “I could hear people saying, ‘It looks like him, but it’s not him.’ It was nerve-racking delivering the lines, but it actually went really well. I enjoyed it massively.”

A mythic tale, Guy Ritchie, Charlie Hunnam, Jude Law and Djimon Hounsou…what more do you want?…oh yes some fantastic hair and makeup designed by our very own Christine Blundell. Also a huge well done to the six full time trainees and multiple daily CBMA graduates from work experience, Trainees to Junior to Senior makeup artists, well done.

  • Industry recommended, industry led and actively working in all makeup based industries
  • Our Makeup Academy nurtures ideas, fosters creativity and individual styles are taken into consideration
  • Guaranteed work Experience on major films
  • Believing in family values
  • Constant aftercare …because we care …..
  • All our tutors currently work as professional film, TV and theatre Make up designers and artists  
  • Be inspired by people who work in the industry and who share their experiences 
  • Aftercare kicks off with ensuring guaranteed work experience which can be used in your CV
  • Being supported and motivated throughout your course. Even when you have difficult times and challenges, we will help you
  • New makeup courses No14, No16, No18
  • 75% of our students join our Academy by recommendation

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No 14 Week Hair and Makeup Course

This film & theatrical make up course is the most intensive programme we offer. Apart from being extremely popular, it teaches our ten core modules.
We have added to this exciting course and extra week of Period hair and Makeup and a week of Fashion.
Christine has designed all our courses to include the core skills you will need to become an excellent hair & make up trainee.

No 16 Week Hair and Makeup Course

When we first extended our original three month syllabus it was to allow the student more time to develop their period hair and make up skills: which has always been an indispensible knowledge for any makeup artist. You will be entering the world of period films and TV dramas, learning the importance of research and historical knowledge, not to mention continuity. We have now continued to adapt this course to include extra casualty and stunt wigs as well as an intensive barbering module.

No 18 Week Hair and Makeup Course

The longest hair & make-up course at the Academy, it allows time to develop your own style and understand that the devil is in the detail; giving you time to establish your confidence and build characters yourself.
Only at this Make-up Academy are award-winning experts in the theatre, film & TV industry on hand, not just to teach but advise and help throughout your time here. Remember, this care does not end when your course ends, but continues…

To succeed in your career as a film and TV makeup artist you will need real drive and commitment, and at the Chistine Blundell Academy for Film & Television in London (CB*MA) we promise to reward that commitment by offering our industry-leading training courses and the support needed to realise your goals.

The Film & TV industry is an exacting and demanding one, but there are few industries that are ultimately as rewarding and fun as a life spent behind the scenes on a film and TV set helping to bring stories to life on the silver screen (or indeed the plasma screen!).

As long as there have been movie stars, there have have been make up artists making them look good. From the ability to make an actor appear ‘natural’ while on camera, to the ability to transform an actor completely with special effects makeup, the Film & TV makeup artist has long been a treasured part of the entertainment industry as a whole. Part art, part science, the discipline of Film & TV makeup is a wondrous craft where gifted individuals use the infinitely malleable palette of the human face and body to bring dreams into reality.

Makeup School Open Day: date 24th June Click here

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  • Our next available course is our  No 18 course which runs for 18 weeks from April 10th 2017. This is the most comprehensive and in depth course we teach – the ultimate hair and makeup course for TV, theatre and film. You will be taught by Christine Blundell’s team of industry trained tutors, who have a wealth of experience of film, TV and theatre.
    You will leave with all the knowledge you need to be equipped as an industry trainee and we will then support you onwards along your career.
  • For more information call us on 0207 485 4000.


  • When you join the CB*MA family you will benefit not only from Christine Blundell’s years of experience in theatre and films but also from the vast network of media and entertainment contacts she has nurtured, many of whom will be teaching you.
  • Our courses are run in small groups, with only one Makeup course at a time, allowing us to focus well on each individual student.
  • All Graduating students are given the opportunity to join Christine on set, to gain valuable film experience after completing their course. This is offered as part of our Aftercare system, where we work with you to support your new career.


  • Open Day 24th June Click here
  • Studio Tour Remember if you cannot attend the Open Day please do book a personal tour. Click here.
  • Be a model for half a day? A great way to see if this is the Academy for you is to come a be a model with us. Call us to book a slot.
  • Afternoon Tea. We are the only makeup Academy to invite special guests from the Industry to Afternoon; terribly sophisticated…..Click here to find out who and more.

“We are very excited to announce that the trailers have just been released for these two epic films, both designed by Christine Blundell, which are due for release next year. Christine took a whole team of CBMA graduates on to both these films and their hard work and skill are showcased brilliantly. Well done for making us so proud and showing what the training at CBM Academy is all about.”

Well done to all our graduates for their hard
work on this epic.

One of the Most anticipated films for 2017 has a release date for June. Many people thought it would never happen. Watch the clip and marvel at the fantastic hair and makeup that Christine designed and many of our graduate makeup artists and juniors and trainees worked on….well done all of you!