Graduation day!

As we sadly near the end of each of our Courses, we attempt to lessen the sadness with a Champagne breakfast at MAC; where you will receive your MAC Pro card. We also focus on what happens next.

It is always sad when the group whom we have gotten to know so well have to leave. We begin to assist our new family members, who are embarking on their journey into the industry.

Well…. what happens when you finish?

Your time at the make up Academy will be exciting and great fun; we aim for you to leave possessing all the key skills to step foot into the industry as it is today.

However, we understand that you wish to know what happens after the course?


Let us begin on your last day. We meet at a Mac store in town for a Champagne breakfast and have the store all to ourselves. We are guided through the wonderful array of make up and all the possible looks that can be created with great products. You are then treated by CBMA to your very own MAC PRO card; giving you a discount of 35% for the year. Though we always suggest in being sensible and not to let the discount go to your head…. or purse!

We journey back to the Academy, where we tidy things up for the next group of students and family members and use the opportunity to talk to the Tutor. The tutor, being a wonderful person, will help with all the questions you may have.  Over coffee and croissants questions that are asked range from; starting out as a self employed person, meaning what? To any concerns you have with your skills. Assisting with networking is key too.

You would have just finished your two weeks of “Boot Camp.” all notes would have been put into the folder and a report would then go out to you, to understand what you need to work on. Remember just because you have finished the course does not mean that you stop learning; it is on going. The tired but incredibly important mantra, Practice and Practice, is so important.

We generally feel hungry after the tidy up and then go off to have a slap up lunch at Mrs. “Miggins Pie shop!” or what generally happens, the students drag a middle aged and miserable man that I am to a “Funky place” to eat!!!!…. On the house too! Mr. Miserable (Me) generally complains at the cost but after a good lunch and some drink I generally quieten down.

All these things we do are important. It enhances our philosophy of family and teamwork and it is important for you to understand what is waiting for you in the outside world.

We always tell students to go home and sleep for a time. You do not realise how tired you will be. These courses are incredibly intensive.

On being awoken to reality and a new world and not going through your usual routine, panic may set in; fear not, we are always to hand.

Get yourself an excellent covering letter and CV before you venture out. If you are unsure come on in and ask us for help…we are always here to help as much as we can.

Now, back to your first day…

If you are interested in finding out more about our Academy book yourself a studio tour.

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