Theatre Week 23rd September

Day 1

  • Intro about Theatre makeup
  • Making bald caps (this is an on going project as they will need a few throughout the weeks)
    • Demos:
    • How to block a wig
    • How to wash it
  • Pincurl to prep for wig
  • Wrapping hair to prep for wig
  • Stocking cap

Day 2

  • Wig dressing – an overview of the various styles using skills for preparation learned on Day 1.

Day 3

  • Add layers to bald cap!
  • Characterisation in Theatre – Demo and then pair work
  • Add more layers to bald cap!

Day 4

  • Add layers to bald cap!
  • 3 part silicone Project

Day 5

  • Museum visit – usually the national Portrait Gallery to look at painting: light and shading and ageing, and how it is communicated. We combine this with a quiz to support the learning.
  • Visit to a wig room with one of our partner tutors – the Royal Opera House, English National Opera, and the National Theatre for a tour.

Day 6

  • Bald cap layers
  • On Stage effects – dramatic use of sick, sweat, blood etc.

Day 7

  • Introduction to wig Making – skills involving knotting on lace – the products used.

Day 8
Bald cap layers!

  • Ballet cap layers!
    • ballet bun
    • French pleat
    • ballet twist
    • how to pin securely
    • invisible net

What is different when your artist has to dance?

Day 9

  • Applying Bald Cap
  • Ageing makeup for theatre.
    (Incorporating feedback from gallery about ageing, shading, colouring etc)
Day 10
Male make-up for stage, how to cross gender; thinking about the face in a different way. If there is time at the end of the day I do a quick change practice/game when the students have to prep the hair and put a wig on and a bit of costume and then we re-create a quick change area with low lighting and cramped conditions and then add another costume and re-put on the wig. We tend to time it and it becomes a bit of a race.

Theatre Course photos


Here’s just a small selection of photos of students and work from our basic makeup course module.

If you’d like to see more, take a look at our full theatre makeup photo page.

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