They say a picture paints a thousand words, so here we have a whole gallery for you to feast your eyes on. Christine has worked on many varying films as a make up designer. In her portfolio are just some of the Makeup designs. The point of these photos, are to inspire you to become the best Make up trainee possible. It is also to show some behind the scenes look. Some people have never seen photos of a film crew in action; or a Make up artist working on set.

The other folders are our students working during the make up course at the studio in London. There is the famous “Boot Camp” that we do at Christine Blundell Makeup Academy. We have added a folder titled “Crowd Room”, as this was a fantastic opportunity for our students to really get pushed into the deep and work in a Crowd room! They coped amazingly well. None were fazed that they had never worked in such an environment before; over 200 extras to do make up and hair?

We hope this inspires you to come and join us for one of our Makeup Courses.