December Productions Jobs And Opportunities

At CBMA, we are fully committed to preparing the student for life after the Makeup Academy. We ensure they understand that they are trainees on completion of the course. We are here to assist them in way we can. Jobs are handed out in rotation. Each month a list of productions and job opportunities are on offer.

For CBMA graduate use only:



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It is extraordinarily ten years since we embarked on our Makeup Academy. Back then there were no academies that offered “Aftercare.”

When we began discussing the creation of a new makeup academy, we knew what we wanted to do regarding creating the makeup modules and hair modules; what was going to be taught and what we felt was not added value to the student.
Christine felt that the graduates leaving the academies were not fully prepared for what lay ahead. This was partly to do with the makeup schools telling them that they were makeup artists already.

There is only One Makeup Academy with genuine Family and Aftercare values. Needless to say it Christine Blundell Make Up Academy.