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Best Ever CB*MA Open day

Last Saturday CB*MA Academy opened its doors to welcome our prospective students, most of whom are keen to join us in September, for our next 4 Month Hair & Makeup course.


We were privileged to have our Prosthetics Tutor, Dan Frye, “Game Of Thrones” and “Harry Potter” prosthetics Makeup artist, creating a Monster look and answering visitors’ questions. We also had a number of our recent and not so recent graduates on hand, talking about their experiences of working on Christine’s latest film project, Mike Leigh’s Peterloo, currently filming in Manchester.  CB*MA students from our current course were also happy to answer any questions about their experiences of studying at the Academy, while demonstrating some of the casualty and prosthetics skills they mastered so far.  Have a look at some of their and Dan’s creations below and visit our Instagram page to view a time lapse video showing one of Open day student projects.


Missed our latest Open day ? – Visit us at our next Open day , Saturday 14th October, 11am-4pm. Click here to tell us you are coming

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Amazing 2 weeks of Prosthetics with Tutor Dan Frye, Game of Thrones prosthetics Makeup artist

That was the week that was! Prosthetics is a different beast to the other modules that the students have been learning. A different mind-set is needed. Calm and Zen is the order. Precision and extreme detail. Have a look at some of our students’ creations, from practising live casts to clay modelling and creating final gelatine based prosthetic pieces.

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Tutor Of The Week “Jane Walker”

Apart from being one of the most unassuming of Makeup Designers, she is also incredibly versatile and witty!!

Her career spans from“Allo Allo, through to cult shows such as The Fast Show, It Crowd…To films as diverse as Hot FuzzLes Miserable and to Game Of Thrones…” you will agree an amazing array of variety.

It is this variety that makes Jane stand out to the crowd.

Our students will be interviewing her next and so, if there are any questions that you wish to put to Jane…simply write them down below.

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Christine starts work on Mike Leigh’s new film “Peterloo”

A drama based on events surrounding the infamous 1819 Peterloo Massacre, where British forces fired on a peaceful pro-democracy rally at St Peter’s Field in Manchester, this new Mike Leigh’s project is a period piece with a cast of over 100 actors. Two of our recent graduates will join Christine on set as “Peterloo” Makeup trainees. Watch Christine prep for the film!

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Wonder Woman UK release 1st June

Congratulations to our own Monique, Laura, Federica, Gillian, Claudia and many more recent graduates who worked as Makeup trainees on Wonder Woman. Scheduled to be released in UK cinemas on 1st June 2017 – read Christine’s recent interview about her role as Wonder Woman’s Makeup designer.

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David Beckham in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur had its UK premiere on 10th May, at Odeon , Leicester Square, with director Guy Richie and his cast on the red carpet. Click here to watch the video showing David Beckham undergoing 2.5 hour make-up transformation into his King Arthur film character, Trigger. Prosthetics supplied by Kristyan Mallett Makeup Effects. Click here to watch Kristyan & Lesa work their magic!

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Grayson’s story

Hi Petar,

I have got an update!

It seems your advice on getting hair experience before joining CBMA was one of the best pieces of advice I will have ever been given!

As you know I’ve been working as a Swing in the wig department at Matilda the Musical, and have now been there for over a year – I even have a fellow CBMA graduate as my boss!!. Now the exciting this is, to top that off, I’ve gone and landed a job at Charlie and the

Chocolate Factory too! Woohoo! I never thought I would be working in the west end, let alone achieved this at the age of 21, but couldn’t have done it without spending those grueling hours at a salon, sweeping, cutting and washing hair.

Just another quick update as I often think of you and CBMA when exciting things happen! Since the last email I have built a very good reputation for myself as a swing and have now joined the teams of two more shows.  

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The Bear returns!

It all started with a simple cup of tea,

I was sat at home and decided it was time to leave my career as a prop maker and take the plunge to follow my true passion and train as a Hair and Makeup artist. I visited several other academies but CBMA stood out to me, I immediately felt a connection with the place.  So on my visit, I sat with Petar and discussed what the course would be like, the skills I would learn, the tutors I would meet and what kind of help I would receive after leaving … to be honest it all sounded to good to be true, but it wasn’t, in fact, it was better than I could have ever imagined.


In April 2016 I started the five month course at CBMA, I learnt basic makeup, basic hair (I actually cut someone’s hair for the first time in my life after a week, now they wont get there hair cut by anyone else), Prosthetics, Casualty (taught by the lovely Jane Walker, Makeup Designer for Game of Thrones), Wigs, Period hair and makeup, barbering, facial hair, theatre (we were taught by some of the leading West End theatre professionals from the National, ROH and ENO), face painting, fashion, character breakdowns, we learnt the lot !  Somedays I felt my brain would overload with information but there wasn’t a single day that I left CBMA without feeling I’d made the right choice.  

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New Year New Life…Ok We Get It!

Where to begin? BAFTA”s. Congratulations to our two tutors Jeremy and Daniel for their films to be Nominated.
Congratulations to Jake Gyllenhaal for BAFTA nomination for “Nocturnal Animals“. (He worked on Christine’s new film Life.)

Well done to Laura Wisinger for her film to be Nominated “Home”.
Congratulations to all the many CBMA grads who worked on “Game Of Thrones” And “The Crown” And “Florence Foster” And “Doctor Strange” And……this may take a long time……

We Get It ! If you get it, hurry up and join up for the Next Course …our most comprehensive No18 starting April 10th.
We have four places remaining. 
Just in case you are not sure still ….Really, we despair, here is a link to a great article in RED magazine with one of our graduates who had to make a difficult career choice. Click here

Call us on 020 7485 4000 or email to book the last few places for our next course.

Best wishes,
The CB*MA Team

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And Breathe

And Breathe...Standing on the platform of the Piccadilly Line this morning coming in extra early for the students to prep for their Boot Camp next week; I noticed a poignant advert.
I did not have time to fully read what it was telling me about what was missing from my life or indeed what I needed to buy ….but I did read “4-7-8 and breathe.”
I was intrigued and as soon as I got to my desk, looked it up.

Poignant, as the makeup students have been running, rushing and panicking, prepping, throwing curlers and notes all over the place !!!

The essence of Boot Camp is to test the students on understanding all the elements that they have been taught and to bring it to a cohesive single look.

Time is the real key and good referencing. 
It is a cliché but the students are not in competition with other students but themselves. They have reached a certain level; what we are looking for is at the end of Boot Camp, that they have raised that level. They have understood their time at the makeup academy.
We are all too hard on ourselves and no more so than our students at present. What they do not see, that we do clearly do, is that 14 weeks ago they had never touched a wig or even thought about making a prosthetic nose.

And yet here they are creating some stunning period looks; rushing off and making moulds and noses ….all during lunch time and still have time to learn Theatre…! It is truly inspiring….

And breathing? Are you ready?

Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind the the front teeth.

Breathe in through your nose on the count of 4

Hold the breath for a count of 7

Release your breath from your mouth with a whooshing sound for the count of 8.


If you wish to read more about Boot Camp Click Here

Best wishes,
The CB*MA Team

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