When our graduates join our Academy, they also join a CB*MA family. We pride ourselves on the excellent aftercare we offer to our graduates upon completion of their course. So after 11 years of teaching we have a big family of over 300 ex graduates that we can rely on, from Makeup designers to trainees.

Agency services:

  • Our services cover the breadth of the industry from Film, TV and Theatre Makeup trainees to Designers

  • From Media make-up artists and trainees, to period wig and hair artists, to creative prosthetic and airbrushing artists

  • Not only will you be hiring an excellent team player but have the full weight of the whole Academy behind you assisting

Aftercare Service:

  • No other makeup school has an Aftercare such as ours

  • All our students benefit from Guaranteed onset experience upon completion of their course

  • Our Aftercare has no time limit and our graduates can always turn to us for help and advice