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Christine Blundell’s interview for Reel FEEdBack with host Kevin Dawson, talking about her career as a Makeup Designer in the UK Film Industry

Christine recently gave an interview for Reel Feedback, with host Kevin Dawson, who talks to people from the music, TV and movie industries about her art and working behind the scenes and / or on screen. Kevin chats to Christine about her inspirations, her work and anything else that may come up in between.

The focus of the discussion was to get to understand not just how Christine began her Hair & Makeup career but what made her open a Makeup school for budding Makeup artists, too! Christine begins by talking about the night of the Oscar awards and how surreal it was walking past Clint Eastwood who congratulated her and someone else shouting her name to turn around and see that it was none other than “Brad Pit”!

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The BAFTAs are upon us once more and our congratulations go to:

Well done to our very own Christine for being nominated in the Outstanding British Film Category for being a Makeup Designer on Paddington 2 .

– Hugh Grant For best supporting Actor in Paddington 2.

 Our Very own Tutor Daniel Philips Nominated for Makeup And Hair for Victoria And Abdul.

 Tutor Lizzie Lawson, Hair Supervisor on Blade Runner Film nominated as best film.

 Tutor Tony Stasi, Barber, working on Nominated Films Victoria and Abdul and Darkest Hour.

 Graduates: Oonagh Bagley, Flora Moody, Darkest Hour. Holly Cady for Victoria And Abdul.

 Any many more CB*MA graduates Makeup trainees & artists who worked on the other BAFTA nominated films……

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Hello from Christine’s “Aladdin” desert adventure

Christine Relaxing While Filming AladdinSo filming in the desert isn’t so bad

We have been out here in Jordan for the last two weeks now filming “Aladdin” for Disney. As everyone knows Will Smith is our Genie and I have to say he is a pretty amazing person as well! He threw a “Welcome to Jordan” party for us all in the desert which will go down in filming history as one of the most generous nights: a feast was laid on, camels were brought in so we could go for a ride to watch the sunset and later on belly dancers and dancing, too – what’s not to love!! I have Lesa and Chloe with me whilst the rest of the team are packing down in Longcross after a mammoth couple of months of crowds  which was run seamlessly as ever by Charmaine and as the years of having CB*MA go by, how proud am I to see so many of my graduates out as dailies on my films not to mention all the new graduates we had out as trainees!!

Goes without saying I can’t show any photos of filming so you will have to make do with me in a tent !!!! Xx

Chris Blundell
Makeup & Hair Designer

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Guy Ritchie’s “Aladdin”

With three full time trainees and many others coming in to assist, it looks like the new Aladdin film by Guy Ritchie is going to be very busy! We have not even mentioned the CBMA juniors and makeup artists that are rolling up their sleeve and getting ready for some great work! All these people are headed up by Christine Blundell, who is Hair and Makeup designer.

Will Smith has made his first post of him and the crew! As mentioned we have many of our girls working and assisting on Aladdin. We are lucky enough to have three fulltime makeup trainees, juniors and makeup artists working on Guy Ritchie’s latest project. Very soon we too should have a post about our girls’ experiences on set!

We were very lucky to have most of the actors coming into the makeup academy for makeup tests. Marwan Kenzari came in hot off his success starring in “Murder on the orient express.”

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Sarah Brock, Gal Gadot’s personal Makeup artist, talks about Christine Blundell’s role as Wonder Woman’s Makeup Designer. Courtesy of Warpaint Magazine.
Bridal to Box Office

Last week she shared with us the step-by-step secrets of the Wonder Woman look she created for Gal Gadot. Now Sarah Brock lets Warpaint lift the lid on her experiences on set

WP:  Congratulations on the beautiful looks that you created for Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman.  You’re much better known for your Red Carpet looks – how did you transition into movies?

SB:  It really was a fairytale story as to how I came to work on the Wonder Woman movie – after being in beauty and fashion for 18 years, the movie industry wasn’t something I had ever considered.  Patty Jenkins, the director, was searching online for inspiration for the make-up look for Gal and she kept coming across an image from a bridal designer campaign that I did back in 2008.  My name wasn’t on the image, so she asked the team in the USA to find out who did the make-up for the campaign – they found my website, Patty looked at my work and loved what I did (plus I was based in the UK where most of the filming took place, so it was perfect).  I had an email one evening from Patty, I went to the Warner Bros Studios to meet her – we got on so well immediately and she offered me the job as the personal make-up artist to Gal on the movie and the rest is history.

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Best Ever CB*MA Open day

Dan Frye - Prosthetics TutorLast Saturday CB*MA Academy opened its doors to welcome our prospective students, most of whom are keen to join us in September, for our next 4 Month Hair & Makeup course. We were privileged to have our Prosthetics Tutor, Dan Frye, “Game Of Thrones” and “Harry Potter” prosthetics Makeup artist, creating a Monster look and answering visitors’ questions.

Dan has been in the film makeup industry for many years and has a plethora of talent and stories. There are many parallels between a prosthetics artist and a makeup artist. Yes they make many things from the simple scratch to a gaping wound, but they must also fully understand makeup and colour. As once these pieces are made they must be painted and to appear to be flesh or Zombie or whatever!

We also had a number of our recent and not so recent graduates on hand, talking about their experiences of working on Christine’s latest film project, Mike Leigh’s Peterloo, currently filming in Manchester.

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Amazing 2 weeks of Prosthetics with Tutor Dan Frye, Game of Thrones prosthetics Makeup artist

Game of Thrones Makeup Artist

What an amazing two weeks we have just had and judging by the what the students have created the intensity of learning and understanding prosthetics makeup, has paid off. The prosthetics makeup module is one of the most anticipated of modules. These weeks are very different atmospherically to the other weeks here. A different mindset is needed. Calm and a zen like approach is needed.

All the makeup and hair modules we do, require students to focus and work on detail. These weeks require even more so. Just when students think they have finished moulding their pieces, Dan will come along and tell them that they need to work at it a little longer. The “Devil is in the detail.”

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Tutor Of The Week “Jane Walker”

Apart from being one of the most unassuming of Makeup Designers, she is also incredibly versatile and witty!! It is none other than our very own Jane Walker.

We could begin to mention that this talented makeup designer has four Emmys nominations and two wins to her name.

Her career spans from “Allo Allo, through to cult shows such as The Fast Show, It Crowd…To films as diverse as Hot FuzzLes Miserable and to Game Of Thrones…” you will agree an amazing array of variety.

We like to call her “Aunty Jane” as she must be one of the nicest makeup designers to come to teach at the Makeup Academy.

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Christine starts work on Mike Leigh’s new film “Peterloo”

Peterloo reunites the writer-director with his regular team of Oscar and BAFTA winners and nominees, headed by producer Georgina Lowe, and including Dick Pope (cinematography), Suzie Davies (production design), Jacqueline Durran (costumes), Christine Blundell (hair and make-up), Jon Gregory (editing)  and Gary Yershon (music). Gail Egan is executive producer.

A drama based on events surrounding the infamous 1819 Peterloo Massacre, where British forces fired on a peaceful pro-democracy rally at St Peter’s Field in Manchester.

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Wonder Woman UK release 1st June

What a great opportunity to become a trainee on “Wonder Woman”.  It was as dream come true for some of our graduates; Monique, Laura, Federica, Gillian, Claudia and many more. Not only were they learning and working on set and on such a big production they even went to Italy for a few weeks! By looking at some of the photos it is hard to believe that they were there working. Having such a large crowd room of this film with over sixty makeup artists, the trainees had to be on their toes. Each makeup trainee had a row of at least ten makeup artists to look after. The duties ranged basic fetching supplies, to helping with continuity and wigs and make a nice cup of tea even ! One of the delicate jobs for the makeup trainee is to not appear too eager or too excited  about working on such a big film. Sometimes a trainee is running around like a headless chicken rushed off their feet and then nothing! One then is desperate to do anything just so they do not look like they are being idle. Believe me if you have not had to do this …it is not easy. Imagine doing this with eyes looking at you.

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