A huge congratulations to our very talented Christine Blundell and Lesa Warrener for their BAFTA nomination for their work on Mike Leigh’s ‘Mr. Turner’. Well done!!

Christine has begun the preparation process for her next film ‘King Arthur’ directed by Guy Richie. The movie is a feature film version of the original Sir Lancelot story, and will be starring Charlie Hunnam, Jude Law, Astrid Berges-Frisbey and Djimon Hounsou.

Every student is offered work experience on Christine’s film. One student will be lucky enough to be chosen to work as a trainee on the film.

Committed to innovation – every student taking one of our courses will now be given their own iPad mini in which to store and showcase their work. We recently trailed this with our current four-month students and the results have been great.

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What a cracking month we have just had !

We mentioned only a few of the graduates that have been working on “Genius”; Liv, Sarah and Mackenzie but all have produced some fantastic hair and makeup.

Many other grads have found plenty of work too. Here are just some of the projects that they have been up to.

“ At the moment I am working on the Musical “Made in Dagenham”, as show person. It has been so much fun so far, very different to film and TV but I have learnt a lot wig wise!” Ria

Hiya, I’m due to start working on a short film at the moment along with 2 other cbma girls – Mackenzie and Natalia. It’s a film about 2 deaf children starring deaf actors and the behind the scenes will be covered by the BBC for their See Hear series. It’s also got a 40s jazz Club scene so a good one for makeup!” Chloe

I’ve currently got three feature films that I’m designing in development for next year and one’s set in India. Exciting times!” Chloe

I’ve been really busy since Easter at the ENO on various operas there, then spent summer working on the RSC productions at the Aldwych as well as doing dailies on Legend and Untitled John Wells project and assisting on a drink awareness commercial campaign with a full-face fox prosthetic and wig…”


Five Month Makeup Course
  • Our 5 Month Makeup Course programme is our longest and is all about assessing and then developing your individual skills, introducing you to a whole range of essential techniques and providing you with adequate time to practice. It allows the students to go into more depth with each module and take the time to get comfortable with all of the elements of Hair and Makeup.The length of the 5-month makeup course allows you to delve deeper into each topic, including exploring more periods in history and the differing styles. You will be encouraged to undertake research outside of class, in order to fully understand how history and the economy affected fashions in hair and make-up. There is also opportunity to explore Theatre makeup and design your own well-known character from an Opera, Ballet or Musical.
  • The course starts March 30th 2015
  • For more details, Call us on 0207 485 4000 for more details and to book Studio tour.


  • Family

    When you join the Make-up academy, you will be with us for life. There is no time scale. We are acutely aware that your life after the course is just as important as during. Together we are stronger.

    Families are like Fudge- mostly sweet but with the occasional nut!

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  • Aftercare

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    We believe, that no other Academy offers the level and stature of tutors than the likes of: Jeremy Woodhead, Jules WIlson, Daniel Philips and Paul Gooch, to name but a few. Click here


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Our professional London makeup academy is unique in the UK, in being founded by an Oscar and BAFTA Award-winning Hair and Makeup Designer, Christine Blundell. When you join the CB*MA family you will benefit not only from Christine Blundell’s years of top flight experience in theatre and films, including Casino Royal and Sherlock Holmes, but also from the vast network of media and entertainment contacts she has nurtured, many of whom will be your teachers!

Beyond the glamour of Hollywood and award ceremonies, Chris remains a dedicated Makeup Designer, committed to the furtherance of her profession. The establishment of the Christine Blundell Make-Up Academy in 2006, was the natural progression in her mission to enhance industry standards and provide the gold standard for hair and makeup skills in the film, TV and theatre industries. Since then the school has gone from strength to strength, developing an unrivalled reputation for producing highly skilled professionals. There is a real buzz of excitement at our lively academy, where film, TV and Theatre jobs are planned and prepped. What better way to learn, than to work alongside an Academy Award winner and other notable hair and makeup professionals?

All Graduating students are given the opportunity to join Christine on set, to gain valuable film experience immediately after completing their course. This is offered as part of our aftercare system, where we work with you to support your new career.

Christine is currently finishing up the new Matthew Vaughn film The Secret Service, starring Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson. Last year Christine worked on Mike Leigh’s film about 18th Century artist William Turner, Mr. Turner, starring Timothy Spall and The Fifth Estate, about WikiLeaks Julian Assange starring Benedict Cumberbatch. About Time directed by Richard Curtis, starring Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy, Danny Boyle’s Trance and Dan Mazer’s I Give It a Year, which Christine also designed were all released last year as well.



This film & theatrical make up course is our most intensive programme we offer. Apart from being a very popular one, we have been running this hair & make up training module since the inception of CB*MA. Christine has designed all our courses to include the core skills you will need to become an excellent hair & make up trainee.

More about our 3 Month Make up Course


The reason why we extended the three month syllabus is to allow the student more time to develop their period hair and make up skills; this is indispensible knowledge for any makeup artist. You will be entering the world of period films and TV dramas, learning the importance of research and historical knowledge, not to mention continuity.

More about our 4 Month Make up Course


As the longest hair & makeup course at the Academy, it allows time to develop your own style and understand that the devil is in the detail; giving you time to establish your confidence and build characters yourself. Only here, at CB*MA, will you find award-winning experts in the theatre, film & TV industry, not just to teach but advise and help throughout your time here. And remember, this care and guidance does not end when your course ends…

More about our 5 Month Make up Course

To succeed in your career as a film and TV makeup artist you will need real drive and commitment, and at the Chistine Blundell Academy for Film & Television in London (CB*MA) we promise to reward that commitment by offering our industry-leading training courses and the support needed to realise your goals.

The Film & TV industry is an exacting and demanding one, but there are few industries that are ultimately as rewarding and fun as a life spent behind the scenes on a film and TV set helping to bring stories to life on the silver screen (or indeed the plasma screen!).

As long as there have been movie stars, there have have been make up artists making them look good. From the ability to make an actor appear ‘natural’ while on camera, to the ability to transform an actor completely with special effects makeup, the Film & TV makeup artist has long been a treasured part of the entertainment industry as a whole. Part art, part science, the discipline of Film & TV makeup is a wondrous craft where gifted individuals use the infinitely malleable palette of the human face and body to bring dreams into reality.


Annabelle McMahon

I graduated from CB*MA in December 2011 around 9 months ago now. The first few months were quite slow, however

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Karen Wagner

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know what I am doing.Nik Buck emailed me offering me work on Guardians of the

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Alice Jones

Hello to all the CBMA team. Hope you’re all well and festive.

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